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“Overlooked cities: Shifting the gaze in research and practice in global urban studies” (with Erwin Nugraha, Julia Wesely, Hanna A. Ruszczyk and Isolde de Villiers). Cities, 133, 104044. Download


“Moving the mountain and greening the sea: The micropolitics of speculative green urbanism at Forest City, Iskandar Malaysia” (with Sin Yee Koh and Hyun Bang Shin). Urban Geography, 43(10), 1469-1495. Download

“The urbanising dynamics of global China: Speculation, articulation, and translation in global capitalism” (with Hyun Bang Shin and Sin Yee Koh). Urban Geography, 43(10), 1457-1468. Download

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Book review: “Constructing Metropolitan Space: Actors, Policies and Processes of Rescaling in World Metropolises,” edited by Jill Simone Gross, Enrico Gualini, and Lin Ye (Routledge 2018). Journal of Urban Affairs, 43(7), 1042-1043. Download

“后厂村路上的北京折叠.” 载于《读书》2021年第4期. Link


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Jiehebu or Suburb? Towards a translational turn in urban studies.” Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 13(3), 527-542. Download

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“Urbanism as a state project: Lessons from Beijing’s green belts.” In M.Jayne (ed.) Chinese Urbanism: Critical Perspectives, London: Routledge (with Hyun Bang Shin) PDF (final version)PDF (pre-print version)


“Space as method: Field sites and encounters in Beijing’s green belts.” CITY, 21(2), 190-206. DOI: 10.1080/13604813.2017.1353342

“‘Second-hand space’: Unthinking the Quito Papers,” Beijing: Dushu Journal (读书杂志), Issue 12, 2017 (in Chinese; reprinted by Jiemian News [界面新闻] and Pengpai News [澎湃新闻]) PDF

“From Manchester that is not by the sea to Beijing that is too expensive to buy a house: Engels, utopia, anti-urbanism,” Hong Kong: The Initium Media (端傳媒), 19 March 2017 (in Chinese) Link


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